Doktor Universe

Doktor Universe combines the knowledge and experience of health professionals to encourage physical activity and teach children healthy habits.

active games

The stories and characters in Doktor Universe can be played anywhere using Augmented Reality.Just trigger the 3D games and play with our magic camera.

fun & knowledge

We worked with health professionals to develop lots of fun mixed with a valuable message of a healthy life for children.

New App Release: Theo & Thea on adventure

The new “Theo & Thea on adventure” is out now in Denmark. 

Theo & Thea are going to take all children at the Aarhus University Hospital through a journey where Augmented Reality wil make it better during their stay at the hospital.

The game is available only in Denmark at the moment, but a big release with all characters form Play Doktor will be out soon, so anyone at any hospital anywhere around the world can play, run, find a hidden treasure and just have fun.