Doktor Bricks 3D puzzles

Available in : English, Spanish, German, French, Danish and Norwegian.

To keep children and their families updated on healthy life habits in-between visits to the hospital/dentist we created the Doktor Bricks.

A Doktor Brick is a 3D puzzle made of recyclable cardboard with an activation code included to unlock a mobile game to be played on 3D or using augmented reality.

The Brick can be used as a reward after a visit to the doctor, or as information material replacing less engaging brochure and flyers.

Doktor Board Game

Available in: Danish and English

The Doktor board game features funny yet educated questions about health and good life habits to teach children about procedures at the hospital.
Each hospital room in the game includes a description of a procedure, like an electrocardiogram or an allergy test.

The game can also be played in 3D. In this mode, the questions are automatically read by the phone/tablet and the hospital displayed on top of the board game.

Doktor Books & Posters

Together with our partners at hospitals and clinics we have developed a set of posters and content for signaling and entertaining children while waiting or looking for their destination at the hospital.

The books & posters present patients with a positive and familiar environment at the hospital.

DollsWalls Hospital

Doktor consultation – DollsWalls Hospital kids can build anyway they want.

While role-playing children get familiar with elements of medical care at the hospital. An extra feature allows children to use their phone/tablet to activate 3D animations around the building to learn more.

Doktor Active games

The Doktor Active games are stories and characters in 3D (Augmented Reality) to be played at the surrounding areas and parks at the hospital.

The children’s physical activity is measured, displayed and rewarded with digital content (hats and games) on mobiles and tablets.

Doktor Animated shorts

Animated movies are useful when communicating and explaining concepts and procedures at the hospital.

In the Doktor animated series, Blop and Tubi go to the hospital and play together to illustrate situations and adventures about healthy habits and friendship.